Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life on the Bubble

As I sit here and await Cal's, Washington's and other teams on the so-called NCAA bubble for the Big Dance I have been pondering that our day-to-day lives are always on the bubble. I am not talking about dying in an instant, but our mere daily lives.

In mornings that I decide to to take the bus to the BART station (the Bay Area's subway system) I am always on the bubble, since it is the first bus of the morning who knows if the driver is going to early or late. She often early which means I need to be at the stop early and if I am on the bus who knows if she going to stop for coffee or not, which means I miss I will miss the BART train by one minute (which means I have to wait 15 minutes for the next one and have a backup plan). If I catch the train I want, then it is getting on S.F.'s light rail and who knows about that. That puts me on the bubble again because it has many problems and there are often delays. Finally, I get to work and that has different bubble issues.

I just used that for example, but we all go through the day "Living Life on the Bubble." Any stories that people want to share?

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