Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oakland's Uptown Art Park

I was walking in Downtown Oakland over by the 19th street BART Station and I came upon the Uptown Art Park. It is a temporary outdoor gallery. The City of Oakland took a piece of vacant lot and created an outdoor art gallery. I think it is a really cool use of space:

"Offering"-Bruce Johnson-Redwood and copper
"Bike Bridge"-Michael Christian-Recycled bike parts
"The pressure to hold together that held things back-part 2"-Salvaged redwood timbers 
"Dandelion"-Karen Cusolito-Recycled Steel
"Skiff"-Erin Powell-Steel
"Uprising"-Bruce Johnson-Redwood and Copper
"Trumpet Flowers"-Karen Cusolito-Recycled Steel
"Barbican"-Randolph Colosky-Engineered Ceramic, honeycomb and wool
This was really cool and I am glad that I ran into it. It brightens the city of Oakland.


  1. Bike Bridge is Awesome! These large works are always so impressive with the various mediums. You have some of the coolest sights out there!

  2. That is so awesome...I agree, what a great use of space! I LOVE art and what a wonderful way to display it. I wish more urban areas would do the same. Thanks for sharing Patrick!! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks, it is one thing that Oakland got right.

  3. I've walked by there once or twice, they are impressive. So much nicer to look at than an empty lot.

  4. These are so neat! I especially like the dandelion.

  5. This is some pretty interesting art work. Thanks for sharing!


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