Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking Around Oakland's Lake Merritt

A little view of Lake Merritt
When I walked around Love Your Lake Day couple of weeks ago, I walked the around whole of Lake Merritt-all 3.1 miles of it. I found out how nice of a walk it is. Oakland's Lake Merritt was an arm of the San Francisco Bay. In 1869, Mayor Samuel Merritt funded a dam between the estuary and the bay. The water level inland rose and the tidal lagoon became "Merritt's Lake. In 1870, it became the United States's first official wildlife refuge:

The Cameron-Stanford House built in 1876 along Lake Merritt
A view of Oakland's skyline from Lake Merritt
Scottish Rite Center built in 1927
The new Cathedral of Light
Besides cool buildings around the lake, there are many recreational opportunities:

People kayaking on the lake
A little boating
Some sailing
How I miss dragonboat racing
Another thing on Lake Merritt is Children's Fairyland which has been a great place since 1950. I went there as a little one, my kids went there when they were little and I hope my grandkiddos get to go:

Part of the outside-since I did not have a little kid with me, I was not allowed in. A great policy
And a couple more view of the lake:

Lake Merritt
Some waterfowl around the lake
Oakalnd's Lake Merritt
In a city that is bashed by the national press, Lake Merritt is a true jewel.


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