Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rogue Toys of Las Vegas

If you know me, I like goofy things. When, I was in Vegas I went to a place called Rogue Toys and really thought that they had some really cool stuff:

Who else had one of these growing up
Inside Rogue Toys
The View Master-High Tech for 1974
Rainbow Brite-I remember the commercials
"Who Are You Going To Call"
A Micky D's Garfield-Interesting
Got to love the Lucy doll
And they had a huge Star Wars section:

A custom one-of-kind Millennium Falcon
A couple of tie-fighters
Jabba is too cool
An original Return of the Jedi lunchbox
I know Rouge Toys is not on people's radar when they go to Vegas, but if you have a chance, stop by, it is pretty cool.


  1. OMG i would love this store! i love exploring toy stores. makes me feel young.

    1. It was cool. I like the ones with the older toys.


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