Monday, December 9, 2013

UNLV Lady Rebel Basketball vs. Utah -11-26-13

In Vegas, I couldn't help but taking in a women's college basketball game. I checked out UNLV and Utah:

The game starts

UNLV's Amie Callaway
Utah's Danielle Rodriguez bringing up the ball
UNLV's Mia Bell with the ball
UNLV's Head Coach Kathy Oliver giving some directions
Utah's Michelle Plouffe looking to rebound a foul shot
Utah's Ciera Dunbar with the ball
The shot is up and in
Utah coach Anthony Levrets talking some strategy
Even though UNLV lost, UNLV's Amie Callaway still was nice enough to take a pic after the game:

Amie Callaway after the game

Bad news for UNLV
Oh and this being Las Vegas, you never known who will show up:

Pia Zadora taking in the game


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