Friday, December 20, 2013

The Miracle Mile Shops of Vegas

In Vegas, I stayed in a Hilton Rewards place that was connected to both the Planet Hollywood Hotel/Casino and the Miracle Mile Shops. I am not a big fan of shopping, but walking around the Miracle Mile was pretty interesting as they had everything there:

The roof of the shops was the sky
They had this huge lake-area and it would rain every hour or so
Most of the stores are these fake buildings that are cool looking
And the stores there have some really cool stuff, like this store called Betty Page:

Love this setup
The coolest bench
And a jukebox
And the other stores had interesting stuff:

This shirt was found in a boxing shop
There was a sports autograph shop and a signed Pele jersey was in the window
The purse was made of gum wrappers
And of course, there are people and things to look at besides the stores:

Outside one of the bars inside the Miracle Mile
Art work hanging from the ceiling
She was one of information people outside the theater inside the Shops
Loved the Tiki Lamp
Interesting bull-outside the PBR Rockbar
Just in case you forgot where you were
The Miracle Mile Shops is something that is pure Vegas. An interesting way to spend some time.

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