Sunday, December 8, 2013

World of Coca-Cola in Las Vegas

In Vegas, I hit the Coca-Cola store. It is a tourist thing on the strip, but I had never been there.

People inside the Coca-Cola store
One of the cool things is that you can try Coke products from all over the world. It costs $7 and you get 16 different Coke products from Mexico, China, England, South Africa, Italy, Australia, etc. It is better if try with someone as it ends up being a lot of soda:

Coke products from around the world
But the store has some cool Coke stuff:

Love this wall hanging
The Coke "hippie" bus
Love this Coke stuff
The famous Coca-Cola glasses
This is a cool coke bag
A view of the store from the second level
And there was a special guest there:

The Coke Bear
Coca-Cola world is a fun place to relax and look around and people watch as many people from all over the world head there:


  1. i used to drink diet coke 1-2x a day, but gave it up entirely about a year ago. i heard that school kids do this experiment wear they take a tooth and see how long it takes for the tooth to completely dissolve in soda (apparently a few days). that sickened me so much, i just quit cold turkey.

    1. Thanks for making me feel good-LOL. I need to quit. It is really my only vice.


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