Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Sports LP's

All the great college fight songs are on "Touchdown U.S.A
I was in a local Rasputin's record store the other day killing a little time in their record section. I came across their sports sections and it was amazing-Teams used to put their season highlights on LP and sell them to fans. I know this was before DVD and VHS but I think it was a great idea to put the radio calls on LP and sell them to your fans. Well here is what I found:

Finley's Heroes-The story of the 1972 World Series winning Oakland A's
The Impossible Dream-The story of 1967 AL Champion Boston Red Sox
Super Sox 75-The story of the 1975 AL Boston Red Sox. Notice that it is sponsored by Budweiser
This is not a team highlight LP but the majors last 30-game winner did attempt to play the organ
World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates-The story of the 1971 World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Notice that it is sponsored by All Star Daires
Hank Aaron-The Life of a Legend
Not to be Denied-The story of the 1984 NBA Champion Boston Celtics
And living in the Bay Area, this is one I see all the time:

Goldrush XVI-The story of the 1981 Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers
Got to love life back in the day.


  1. Hey Patrick! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday my friend!! How cool are these! As always, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week!


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