Friday, January 3, 2014

Women's Basketball-The South Point Thanksgiving Shootout

Welcome to 2014. When I was in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving, I went to the South Point Thanksgiving Shootout. For $10, I got four games and I thought it was the best deal around. To be honest, I got there during the first game and left before the last game began. I can only do so much basketball in a day-lol. It was strange watching basketball in a casino arena, but somehow it worked (My camera had run out of battery and I used my phone camera):

The South Point Casino Arena
Ball St Head Coach Brady Sallee watching his team get beat
Auburn's Brandy Montgomery on the line
Tennessee Tech's Candace Parson
Tennessee Tech's T'Keyah Williams and Marquette's Brooklyn Pumroy looking to see if the ball goes in the basket
Marquette's Head Coach Terri Mitchell after the game
The beginning of the Utah (in red) and Butler (white) game
Some Utah-Butler game action
I had a great time watching about four hours of hoops.

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