Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oaklandish-The Store

Recently, one of my favorite stores is located in Downtown Oakland. It is called Oaklandish and it is all things Oakland. The money the store makes goes back in the community to do good things. So it is a win-win:

Inside Oaklandish
Soaps made in Oakland
Skateboard decks
Earrings in the Oakland City Symbol
But they are mostly about cool clothing about Oakland:

Hand painted Vans
2013 Oakland A's AL West Champs shirt
A T-Shirt of the cranes at the Port of Oakland which was the basis for George Lucas and creating The Walkers that Empire used in Star Wars
An Oakland Seals shirt. The Seals played in the NHL from 1967 to 1978
And I bought two (But like a moron, only took a pic of one):

Oakland Stompers-The Stompers played in the old North American Soccer League for one year
The other one was in the style of the mule that used to be the A's mascot. The shirt is sort of like this
And finally the last cool thing is this wishing well inside the store:


  1. Haha, my son would love those hand painted Vans...pretty cool! :-) Have a wonderful rest of your week Patrick!

  2. I love the indoor wishing well. And I'm sure my boys would go crazy over those hand painted Vans! Looks like a great store. :)

    1. LOL-I liked them. It is a great store and they do good with the money.

  3. Nice, my job did the lighting and window coating for that store. It's a great store.

  4. i have to check this place out! i was born in oakland and want to do whatever i can to support!

    1. It is really cool. They have a website and everything.


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