Friday, January 31, 2014

War Memorial Gym-Home of the USF Dons

The front of USF's Memorial Gym
Took the kiddos out to the University of San Francisco to check out the Lady Dons playing St.Mary's. In process I took a lot of pictures and here is a look at USF's War Memorial Gym-Home of the Dons. It is small as it holds only 5,300:

From the baseline
From the other baseline
War Memorial Gym was built in 1958. Just after the heyday of the Dons great teams. There are reminders of that great past inside:

Bill Russell's retired jersey
K.C Jones retired jersey
The two USF coaching legends
The back-to-back Championship banners

Saw this picture in the lobby. That is Bill Russell holding the ball
The 1955 Championship trophy. 
Hopefully, the hilltop will have rebirth to its great past.


  1. Looks like a nice gym, even if it is small.


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