Sunday, January 19, 2014

Women's Basketball-Cal vs. Lafayette -12-29-13

For the last non-conference women's basketball game, Cal decided to let everyone for the weekend youth price of a buck-It was a great:

The new floor of Newell Court at Haas Pavilion 
The newest banner hung in Haas
Lafayette in pregame warmups
Cal Head Coach Lindsey Gottlieb during the game
Lafayette's Maddie Peabody with the ball
Cal's Hind Ben-Abdelkader going upcourt
Cal's Afure Jemerigbe hitting a three
Cal's Brittany Boyd with the ball

Some action in the paint
It was a good as Lafayette kept it close for a while, but the Bears ended up winning:


  1. i'm so embarrassed to say i've never been to a cal basketball game. i need to put that on my bucket list. go bears!

    1. Don't be.

      I love going to the women games. It is a good price and the basketball is better. Don't be embarrassed.

  2. Wicked cool. I haven't been to a basketball game in forever. but I think I'm due.

    1. It is a good time. I have a couple of more games I went to blog about. Thanks for the input and also if there is a local college near you. Go to a game.


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