Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cal Softball vs. Arizona

I headed to Levine-Fricke Field to take see nationally ranked Arizona take on Cal:

Levine-Fricke Field from the cheap seats

Levine-Fricke Field from behind home plate
Arizona's Jessie Harper taking a rip

The runner is safe
Cal's Katie Sutherland-Finch throwing a pitch
Cal's Danielle Bowers fouling off a pitch
A swing and a miss for Cal's Lindsay Rood
Cal's Annie Aldrete getting a hit
It was a nice time out even though Arizona crushed the Bears 7-0. It was a good time in catching a game.


  1. I'd love to see a game in real life. It always looks like so much fun on TV, but I think the vibe and "spirit" at a real live game must be such a great experience

  2. You got some great pictures here :) Thanks for linking up.


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