Monday, May 15, 2017

Fresno Courthouse Park

Fresno Courthouse
I decided to take the train to meet a co-worker that retired in Fresno (where they lived). We were walking from the train to get something to eat and I saw all these memorials and statues in this park. Well, I had to stop and take some pics.

Courthouse Park I learned that in 1872, when the Central Pacific Railroad laid out Fresno, the railroad owners offered the citizens of Fresno a four-block parcel as a site for a park and a future courthouse. Besides being a center of county government, Courthouse Park has played host to a number of events in the history of Fresno and there are memorials to the movers and shakers of the area:

Honoring the Lao and Hmong soldiers that fought with Americans during the Vietnam War.
Dr. Martin Luther King
In memory of the Fresno County Peace Officer who have lost their life in the line of duty

Benito Juarez- One of Mexico's first Presidents and the only one of full-blooded Indian Blood

Toltec god Tula from the Mexican state of Hidalgo

Brotherhood of Man-dedicated to faiths coming to together

Braceros Memorical- honors the men who came over from Mexico during WWII as laborers

David of Sassoon- An Armenian folk hero
One of the most prominent statues honors Chester Rowell who was a pioneer in Fresno. He was a doctor, the editor of the local paper, mayor and state senator:

Fresno Courthouse Park is one of more interesting parks that I have come about in my travels. Glad I did.


  1. I've never had time to really look around in Fresno during the many times I had business there. I was busy all day and too tired to move at night. All we saw besides the convention site were motels and restaurants. That is certainly a diverse group of memorials.

  2. That's so cool that you take the time to really look at things. Sometimes I'm in too big of a rush. Thanks for being a NanaHood friend!

  3. Certainly some sculptures of some pretty profound people.

  4. Yes! I was born in Fresno and raised in Clovis! Great place to visit and live! Thanks for sharing about my home town!

  5. Many years ago when I was about 21, I was what they called a "summer missionary" and my main base was Fresno and the towns surrounding it. So this stirs lots of memories for me, Patrick. I don't think I got to see any of these sights, but it's great to see them now through your camera lens! Thanks for always taking us along for the ride or "walk!"

  6. How lovely to capture these historical images.

  7. I'm glad you came across these as well. It's nice to have a space like this dedicated to the city's history. Thanks for all of your great pictures each week and for sharing them with us at Celebrate Your Story.

  8. San Fransisco is one of the international cities most people can name. I can tell by the things you share with your readers why it has become so well known. Beautiful.

  9. You always make San Francisco look so Great

  10. Ahh, you make me want to go there!

  11. That Armenian folk hero statue is quite dramatic! Have a great week!

  12. Thanpark has a lot of fantastic statues!

  13. You filled in with many great things that were not in my post. How fun.


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