Sunday, May 21, 2017

Music Monday: '80's Under the Radar Songs

Music Monday: Here are some under-rated songs of the 1980's:

To me these songs are great songs that are under the radar, hope you think so also.


  1. Great choices, especially the first three!

  2. Some great songs here. Just got St Elmos Fire on full blast. Not heard this in years. Great song. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  3. Patrick,

    I don't think I've ever watched "St. Elmo's Fire" but it has a lot of well known faces like Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez starring in this mid-80s TV series that I don't remember. I'm sorta interested in streaming this show if I can find it just to see what's all about. Did you watch it? What are your thoughts?

    I couldn't remember the movie Oingo Boingo "Dead Man's Party" was from until I Googled it and watched the scene from "Back to School" with Rodney Dangerfield which broke me up! I'm telling you that man was so FUNNY!

    Your last three songs are don't ring a bell with me, so I appreciated the intro. Bowie's "Absolute Beginners" is especially nice of the three.

    Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gals!

  4. 80s Pop/Rock is one of my favorite genres of music. These are great selections, Pat.

  5. You had me at St. Elmos Fire! Thanks for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday!

  6. I Know every one except the third although is sounds so familiar - I have a large 80's collection myself :)


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