Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Over Here: San Francisco in World War I

The San Francisco Main Public Library has great stuff. I recently saw an exhibit called Over Here, it talked about San Francisco in World War I:

Sadly one thing that happened was a case domestic terrorism on July 22nd, 1916 as San Francisco held a parade in honor Preparedness Day in anticipation of the United States entering the war. During the parade a bomb in a suitcase went off. It killed ten people and injured 40. Two labor leaders, Tom Mooney and Warren Billings were convicted of the bombing and were sentenced to hang. Their sentences was commuted to life. "Free Tom Mooney" was a chant in strikes and protests for years.By 1939, evidence of perjury and false testimony at their trials had become overwhelming. California Governor Culbert Olson pardoned both men in 1939. The identity of the bombers has never been determined:

The San Francisco Main Public Library did a great job in showing about World War I in the City by the Bay.


  1. Looks like an interesting exhibit and I like your photos too!

  2. Wow, how cool is that! I had no idea library's did such fun and historical exhibits! I don't think the ones in our area do such things. What fun it is to look through these pictures. Thank you for sharing your post at #TuneInThursday today

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    Thanks for sharing with us at the Bloggers Pits Stop your treasure trove of San Francisco in WW1…… Very Informative. Much appreciated!
    Pit Stop Crew


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