Sunday, May 20, 2018

Music Monday: Just Doing Some Remembering

Music Monday: Just some songs about remembering:

And because he is the Chairman of the Board:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.


  1. I never thought of "When We Was Fab" ... one of my favorite songs by my favorite Beatle, and the video is great, especially because Ringo is a hoot. And you can't go wrong with Sinatra. Another good one is "It Was A Very Good Year." Great set!

  2. Bout.. Jack & Diane... love the tune to sing to too! Sure wish I had a chili dog right now! ~hehehe~ Great job my friend. You certainly have the knack for these tunes. You have rocked the house and then topping it off with the "Chairman of the Board" love it! Way ta go!!!

  3. Those were some great choices. Nice selections.

  4. Patrick,

    "Summer of 69" I was only 8 years old so I can't say that was the best days of my life but it certainly was simpler days with my world revolving around my parents. There were no bills to pay or crisis to deal with unlike now. Hmmm, maybe those were the best days of my life. :)

    Kid Rock sings about the summer of 1989. DD#1 was a year old, we visited Maine for the first time, and we created DD#2.

    I don't remember "When We Were Fab" so I appreciated the (re)introduction and it accompanied a fun video. The former Beatles band members had/have a good sense of humor.

    Excellent set for this week's theme. Thanks for sharing and for rockin' with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a funtastic week!

  5. Excellent set of songs this week! Was great to see Night Ranger and Kid Rock included.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  6. Great choices , especially Sinatra.

  7. Great selection. I LOVE that Bryan Adams song; Summer of 69. I am just playing it before I post this comment :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us tomorrow.

  8. Hey Patrick,
    Great set here! I am not familiar with "When He Was Fab" -- that's a really good song and I enjoyed the video. Night Ranger was cool. Haven't thought about them in ages!
    I never get tired of hearing Kid Rock's song.
    I'm a big fan of John Mellencamp (you might remember when I did an Artist Spotlight on him for one of our 4M freebies). I'm especially liking seeing and learning more about his daughter Teddi on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. haha

    Have a great weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. HAPPY, HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND to you and yours… eat lots of goodies, shoot off fireworks, have tons of fun, but most of all be safe… BIG HUGS… AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  10. I enjoyed the Night Ranger set (with its various covers) - I saw them perform several years ago and it was wonderful. "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" brings the 80's right back. Kid Rock - yes, he has his moments. And Frank Sinatra - yes, he was the Chairman all right.

  11. I LOVE your song choices, Patrick! You always pick the perfect ones! :)

  12. Very fun choices.
    Thanks for rocking!


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