Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Random Pics Of Las Vegas

I was going through my phone and found these pics I had from my multiple visits from Las Vegas in the last six months:

Outside the Wynn Hotel
Inside the Wynn Hotel

Elvis' jumpsuit

The Harrah's
At Hershey's World in New York, New York
The pool at Green Valley Ranch
Outside the Red Rock Casino
The Smith Center
I went to this place on Fremont Street called the Heart Attack Grill to eat. It was an interesting experience:

I got the basic chili dog
The guy next to me got this. The five patty burger
This is truly what happens when you don't finish your food there.
I am not really a night Vegas person but here are some shots:

Outside of Evil Pie-The Evil Knievel themed pizza place on Fremont Street

Outside Container Park

Las Vegas is always an interesting place and things to see:


  1. Those neon signs are cool, especially the one for Pabst Blue Ribbon (which seems like a cheap beer for Vegas, but hey). And The Heart Attack Cafe is a place after my own heart.

  2. I haven't been back to Vegas in years but I absolutely agree that there is always something interesting to see.

  3. A 5 patty burger? No wonder they call it the heart attack grill! #teamlovinlife

  4. What an interesting combo of bright lights, ostentatious food and sights but with a mix of culture. Some of the architecture (and sculptures - including those at Hershey's World) look amazing! #teamlovinlife

  5. Such a strange place Las Vegas is. I particularly like the cocktail glass and mantis :). The 5 patty burger looks delicious but I'd probably have to stick to just 2 😸

  6. Disneyland for adults. Only been there one time, but it was fun.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ☺

  7. I love that I recognise so many of your pics! My husband has dragged me from Australia to LV more times than I wish to admit to. Can't we go somewhere else in the world for a change? He loves it because it is Disney for adults. But yeah, it's fun

  8. Great photos my friend. My Mom use to live out there on Del Webb Estates. I think that's what it was called. Wow! Vegas sure has changed since I been there last & that was back in 2005. Mom sold the house & moved back here in 2004 and passed away 2006. :( We used to love Freemont St. Thank you for sharing & for stopping by. hugs


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