Thursday, May 3, 2018

Panama-California Sculpture Court

One of the more interesting features at San Diego's Balboa park is the Sculpture Court. The court is a little bit of a secret as it houses the original sculptures and decorative objects from the 1915-16 . Most of the ones of display right were created for the temporary 1915 Varied Industries and Food Products Building. The sculptures and decorative objects sat in storage and became neglected. They were rescued were in 1974/75 and their destruction was prevented. They were saved but in sorry states of disrepair until recently when the Committee of Hundred undertook the project of cleaning, restoring and displaying them:

It was really cool to see these historic sculptures restored and on display. I hope that they continue to be on display for many generations to come:


  1. WOW!! So glad they were saved! I cannot imagine destroying such history. Thanks for sharing.
    :) gwingal

  2. Wow, they're some amazing sculptures. Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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