Friday, June 29, 2018

The Art of Protest -1960s-1970s

I was over at the King Library at San Jose St and they had an exhibit called "The Art of Protest: 1960s-1970s", it was an exhibition of original protest art from the era. This protest art were made by students at various San Francisco Bay Area schools. The interesting thing is they are on the computer paper of the era:

It was really interesting seeing this amazing artwork that has survived for 50 years and how these students were devoted to their causes. The King Library did an amazing job of putting this together.


  1. ...protest has always been an important part of American more than ever!!! Thanks for sharing, continue the fight.

  2. These are really interesting . . . Thank you for pointing out the computer paper, gives a new perspective.

  3. I remember my dad bring reams of that paper home from work for my brothers and I to colour on!

    These images are very powerful - it looks like a fab exhibition! #blogcrush


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