Sunday, August 12, 2018

Music Monday: Animal Time

Music Monday: We are going to have some as we are going to try to get animals in the titles of songs:

Had to put this one in because it always makes me smile:

Now to the regular tunes:

And one of mysteries of life that I have tried to figure out for years:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday


  1. You made really good choices, and a couple of them were new to me. I heard Ugly Kid Joe's "Cat's In The Cradle" recently and I think I like it better than Harry Chapin's original.

  2. Great choices for today! All really fun songs. I just used Cat's In The Cradle in my most recent Battle of the Bands.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  3. Great choices! This makes a pawsome playlist.

  4. My dear friend, sorry I'm so late, but my back really hates me today and I cannot do much sitting. I shall be having surgery on the 22nd & our Cathy shall be taking over for me. I'm sure she'll do a fantastic rockin' job!!! Love her too pieces! Anyway wasn't this a fun theme... and you did a fantastic job... way ta go!!! YOU ROCK! Cat's in the cradle I haven't heard that in so long. Good tune! hugs

  5. Patrick,

    'Hungry Like a Wolf' is a classic 80s hit. Duran Duran was so hot back in the day. Ugly Kid Joe does a nice 'Cats in the Cradle' cover. Baha Men, "Who Let the Dog Out' always makes me smile. Maybe, no one let the dogs out but they worked as a team freeing themselves from their confined housebound life. What a fun video! :) Have a blessed and boogietastic week, my friend!

  6. Interesting song choises.stop on my to see what I choose.

  7. I have most of the songs that the Duran Duran album with "Hungry Like the Wolf" has. Just love that album! And yes, I agree, I like the Ugly Kid Joe cover of Cat's in the Cradle better. Usually, it takes me a little to warm to a cover but not this time. Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out" is such a fun song. And "Soft Kitty" - I have never watched the Big Bang Theory but I've seen this video several times, and it is hysterical. Have a great week!

  8. You always pick the best songs, Patrick! My favorites are Soft Kitty, Hungry Like a Wolf, and of course Who Let the Dogs Out - thanks for the fun dance! :)


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