Sunday, October 21, 2018

Music Monday: Songs Using Unusual Instruments

Music Monday: Trying to explain my musical knowledge here some songs  using unusual instruments:


The Ocarnia - It is simliar to a flute. In this song there is a full-blown Ocarnia solo:


A Referee Whistle:

A mechanical glass harmonica:

Melodica-The band got their name from the nickname of this instrument. It is a cross between a wind instrument and a keyboard:


  1. Awesome picks today! I almost chose Spoonman, actually.

  2. I love The Hooters, I saw them in concert in the 80's. SOmeone on my blog commented about a glass harmonica so I am glad you had it here.

  3. I had this Hooters album (vinyl, imagine that) at one time. Dancing to it now. I heard Spoonman on the radio yesterday and kicked myself. And yes, great minds (as I picked Wild Thing, too.)

  4. Patrick,

    You're the second person to use a song with spoons. I had not heard this Soundgarden song before today. It's difficult for me to pick up the spoons in the song, though. That's because of my hearing issues. The chainsaw was bit too rackety for my ears but that's really unusual and a Referee whistle is an equally different mewsical instrument. I'm not sure if I'm hearing a glass harmonica in Aerosmith's song so I had to go to YT to look this up and once I heard it I recognized it. In Marie's YT clip there's a glass harmonica but I had no idea what it was until now. I thank you for prompting me to go in search of this neat sounding instrument. Furtastic songs using 'unusual' mewsical instruments song picks!

  5. I liked Sound Garden back in the day. I should revisit it.

  6. Hey Patrick,
    Excellent song choices and very cool use of items not traditionally thought of as lending use to music-making.
    Jackyl's "Lumberjack" utilizes a great chain saw. That's a good song there. I like it all the way through.
    Aerosmith, one of my favs, rocks Janie's song.
    And that referee whistle is a great touch for GNR. That was cool watching their performance, as well as watching The Hooters. I kinda remember "And We Danced" but can't really recall the band. Good song.

    Great job with this theme. You picked some unusual "instruments"...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  7. Looks like some great picks here Patrick. I will have a quick listen to see if I have heard them all :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us today.


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