Sunday, June 7, 2020

Music Monday: It is J Time With Number 1's

It is June and here are some songs that begin with the letter J that were also Number 1 hits on the Billboard Top 100:

Number 1 for five weeks in 1984:

Number 1 for two weeks in 1975:

Number one for eight weeks in 1992:

Number 1 for two weeks in 1971:

Number one for a single week in 1991:

And because we need it and it was number one for six weeks in 1971:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and week.


  1. Great selections here! Good list!

  2. Now these are absolutely fantastic! You have really out did yourself my friend. You have totally rocked the house! So as we all smack ourselves WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT ONE! hahaha Very cool!

  3. We need Joy in our time. So why not some Joy to the World. Nice set, and I'm not Jivin'.

  4. That's a great take on the theme! I never would have thought to do only #1s. I can remember when Van Halen's "Jump" came out (Kriss Kross's, too, but that was a bit later); it was played a good bit at our junior high dances!


  5. I absolutely love your take on the theme, Patrick! And I love all your song choices! Thanks so much for the dance! :)

  6. Love you tunes thanks for sharing them!

  7. Enjoyed your exploration of the J's - Huge Bee Gee's fan so it's Jive Tallking for the win in my book (but love your other choices too!)


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