Sunday, November 29, 2020

Music Monday: Road Trip Songs

 Music Monday: I drove up to Las Vegas to see family (I was very careful and avoided a lot of contact with humans, plus the casinos and other Vegas attractions have a lot limits on the number of people allowed) and drove back. Here are some cool road tripping songs:

And finally:

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful Monday.


  1. What a sweet choice of tunes. Bon Jovi is always a favorite. I just love your taste in music period my friend! Cheryl Crow is a very talented young lady for sure. Did you know she use to write for Eric Clapton too? Yep! I read it somewhere! ~hehe~ Never heard that tune by Motley Crew. Different I must say! Glad to hear you got to see your family for Thanksgiving & that you were being very careful. As far as Las Vegas... man, I bet they're losing a lot of money, right? Glad to hear your road trip was good too! Well, Christmas as of tomorrow in my book for a month. ~hehehe~ See ya next time! Great job.

  2. What a selection. Two faves (Drive and Livin' on a Prayer), something with Sheryl Crow (enjoyed her song, new to me, and everyday is a winding road) but best find was Depeche Mode covering Rt. 66 - I never knew they had done that. And I do like a good road trip. On hold for now.


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