Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thank You to the Green and Gold

 Another year of Oakland A's baseball has come and gone. Even though the team didn't make the playoffs this year, I am still happy to have a hometown team to root. I was just thinking and it is crazy that it was 40 years ago that the 12-year-old me hopped on the BART by himself and went to an A's game by himself. Wow: 

The last game of the year I went to was a great game as the A's pulled it out in the bottom of the ninth, sadly Elvis Andrus who scored the winning run fractured his left fibula on the play.

I love the A's and I hope a new ballpark will be built for the team and they stay in Oakland. They are my team and always will be.


  1. Elvis was a hot prospect with the Braves until they traded him and half of the other prospects to Texas for two half-seasons of Mark Teixeira. Looks like he's had a good career.


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