Sunday, August 14, 2022

Music Monday: In Tribute

 In the last week, we have lost two greats in the world the music. One was songwriter and producer- Lamont Dozier and the other one was a performer who brightened our world with her talent, Olivia Newton-John. Sadly, we lost of both of them on the same day.

First up is Lamont Dozier, who was part of the famous Motown sound of the 60's with the Holland Brothers, forming Holland-Dozier-Holland and co-wrote and produced some of the greatest hits of the era:

And Dozier's last number one he co-wrote and co-produced was:

The other artist that we lost was Olivia Newton-John. She was a talented singer, actress and activist. She became an icon for her work:

It is sad that we lost both but they both left behind a body of work that is amazing. 


  1. I missed Lamont Mozier's passing; thank you for this tribute. I loved so many of the songs he co wrote/produced but was unaware he was partially responsible for "Two Hearts". You picked good live performances of the first two songs, too- obviously not lip synced. For Olivia Newton-John you picked Magic, which is perhaps my favorite song of hers. Very nice tribute overall.

  2. Very nice tribute to both Olivia and Lamont. You picked some of their best songs!

  3. Patrick,

    I didn't hear about Lamont's passing. I didn't know the name but I surely knew his music. I recognized all three mega hits you shared. ONJ I grew up listening to and loved her songs from the first time her sweet melodies crossed my ears. She had the voice of an angel and such a pretty smile. I suspect she was a good person. Your Olivia song choices are fabulous picks. Every time I hear "Physical" I think of aerobic classes from the 80s. :D Life dealt her some hard knocks with health issues. May these two great music icons rest in peace.

  4. Such a loss. But all the great music remains.


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