Sunday, August 21, 2022

Music Monday: Raised on the Radio

 For this Music Monday, we are looking at songs that you heard the radio. Growing up in the Bay Area, the radio was electric. 

The first station I remember having my Oscar the Grouch radio permanently tuned to was KNBR-680 was when I was about nine or ten.

 It played the what was known as Adult Contemporary but it also had the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors games  on and Sportsphone 68 in the evenings when there wasn't a game (Yes, I was a sports junkie as a kid) but they also played music and I love Frank (Dill) and Mike (Cleary) in the morning. One of the first songs I remember hearing was:

As I entered junior high school and high school, I upgraded to KMEL (Rock) and KITS (Live 105-Modern/Atl Rock):

80's KMEL T-shirt

And do remember hearing these songs that helped shaped my musical life on these stations:

And then at my first attempt at junior college (Chabot College in Hayward), I worked for the student radio station:

80's KHFM/KCRH Chabot College shirt. KCRH was over the air and KHFM was on the cable access channel

(I might have told this story-sorry) - In the summer of 1989, they had some camps for kids for like four weeks and they told the kids that they could be on the radio for 30 minute stints and I was hired (got paid) to run the board for these kiddos. They could pick their tunes (As long as we had it), every single kid picked the same song (So I definitely heard this song on the radio-twice an hour, every hour, five-days a week for four weeks):

I learned so much from listening to music on the radio, I wish that kids had the same experience that I did:


  1. This is such a great theme because of the nostalgia all of us will be experiencing. Although, not sure that hours worth of that Prince song (which I never heard before) would come under the heading of "nostalgia". Also enjoyed the Joe Walsh song; also new to me. Clap for the Wolfman!

  2. Great selection! Do you still have the Oscar the Grouch radio?

    1. I so wish I did. I took that pic from the Internet.

  3. Great theme, I really enjoyed putting my post together

  4. Patrick,

    Listening to the DJs' conversation or stories is part of the fun experience tuning on the radio. The one thing I look forward to when we're on one of our day trips is turning SiriusXM to the Peter Noon station. He's always great fun! I don't think I ever heard Wolfman Jack on the radio because of the reception was horrible where I lived but DH told me about him. In our early marriage, I may have seen him on some late night shows but I can't swear to it. Great song set for this fabulous theme of yours, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  5. I was raised on the radio too, but I didn't think of what station I listened to. I've not a clue.

    Love your playlist.

    Thank you for being the honorary host this month.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Patrick. 😎


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