Sunday, January 22, 2023

Music Monday: Bands that Spell My Name

Music Monday: Spelling my name Patrick using different bands. 

P-Psychedelic Furs:

A- a-ha:

T- T'Pau:

R- Rush:


C-Corey Hart:


That is how I spell my name Patrick with different bands.


  1. A great collection of music clips to enjoy in the morning

  2. A nice collection of songs known and unknown to spell your name with. I was especially taken by T'Pau's song. A-ha is a long time favorite.

  3. Cool song set to spell your name, Patrick. I don't recognize T'Pau. I think I'll have to check out their music library to make sure, though. Thanks for joining the 4M party, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!!

  4. You did a great job, Patrick. I think I'm the only one that didn't quite get this.

    Have a fabulous day and week. :)

  5. I never heard the sliced down versions of the AHA song( great classic video of that original song) or the Adam's song. I didn't listen to Rush, to be honest, because...I can't stand the lead singer. I know, how can it be!?? I am Canadian as well but I just hate his nails on a blackboard.


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