Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Visiting Oracle Park


I am a diehard Oakland A's fan. Have been since I was six (basically over 40 years) and not really a fan of the San Francisco Giants even though I was born in San Francisco. I was raised in the East Bay (Hayward), 17 miles away from the Oakland Coliseum. 

If you have read this blog, I raised my kids out at Coliseum and they are diehard A's fans. Now with the A's announcing that they are moving to Las Vegas, it felt like a kick in the stomach. 

My son still loves baseball and is slowly becoming a Giants fan. On Monday night, he took me to a Giants game at Oracle Park. Oracle Park is everything that the Oakland Coliseum isn't. As I have written, the Oakland Coliseum is baseball's last dive bar and Oracle Park is an upscale trendy bar. I hadn't seen a game there in years:

One cool thing about Oracle Park is that it has a lot of cool things that enhance the fan experience (unlike the Oakland Coliseum):

Part of the garden in centerfield

Seats from Candlestick Park (The Giants home from 1960 to 1999)

They have a little aquarium out behind the left field fence 

And like any trendy place, the food was great:

I had a great time with my son and who knows I might start liking the Giants if the A's leave. Shoot, he already has a Giants hat. I guess any place that has a statue of Willie Mays and great views might be worth my time. 


  1. All things considered, you're taking it well. I thought for sure the White Sox were going to move all through the '60's and '70's, whether it was Milwaukee, Seattle, Denver, Tampa Bay... There were rumors that if they moved to Seattle Charley Finley was going to move the A's to Chicago. I just didn't want to be a Cub fan...

  2. I do like baseball, I use to be quite good at it but rugby is more popular here.

  3. Been there many times. Too bad on the move though. It is a kick in the gut.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day, Patrick. ☺


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