Saturday, October 7, 2023

Music Monday: Just Some One Hit-Wonders That We Forgot About

 Here are some one-hit wonders in history that are cool songs and we forgot about them:

And because I was watching a Rocky movie the other day:

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Many times, I can't figure out why one hit wonders are one hit wonders. Their one hit is so enjoyable but they somehow can't make the leap to stardom. For today's list I enjoyed Barbie Girl and 99 Luftballoons most of all.

  2. Whoa! Great pickins' my friend! I always love your taste in music! LET'S DANCE! Come on now,.... you and me! Woo Hoo! Funky town... take me too... hahaha that's it I'm gettin into it! So how ya doin? Hope you're great & your family too! Your tunes are superb as usual my friend! Whoa Rocky IV haven't heard that one in while... good one.. man Slyvester Stalone sure has changed since he got older huh, but he still a star in my book! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! TAKE CARE~!

  3. Great choices fun to hear them again 💜

  4. Love Funky Town and I did dance to this back in the day. Luft Balloons was great and I remember the guys thinking she was hot until they saw her hairy In Europe, they don't shave the armpits...maybe now but not then. I always laughed when everyone saw that.

  5. "Harper Valley PTA" is an oldie. While in Nashville, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. One of Jeannie C. Riley's stage outfits, a short skirt and vest was on display. :)


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