Saturday, October 28, 2023

Music Monday: Just Some Scary Band Names

 Music Monday: For this Music Monday, we are looking at some bands with some scary band names:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. The only one of these groups I've heard of was Death Cab for Cutie. The first one surprised me - with a name like Vampire Weekend I didn't expect all the strings. I enjoyed the voice of the singer in The Kills. Nice set.

  2. I enjoyed these and never heard of them. I especially liked the first 2. The 2nd one, I thought she was going to sing Moon River! Hahaaa

  3. The first act didn't sound creepy with a name like Vampire Weekend. This song pick sounded too cheery which wasn't what I expected. The Kill has more of a creepy vibe going, maybe it's just the song or the lead singer. I'd be curious to sample more of each of these groups' music. Helloween, I used them in my Friday Funnies post. The lead singer has a good voice. It's interesting how I liked the vocals of some of the heavy rock bands. The genre isn't my norm but it's fabulous to cut away from my routine listening. Thanks for sharing. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


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