Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Best Burger Joint

The front of Val's Burgers in Hayward, Ca. It has looked the same for over fifty years

Went out to dinner at Val's Burgers. It has been an institution in Hayward for over fifty years. Walking into Val's is like going back to the rat-fink, skate-rink late 1950's. The counter next to the grill where you can watch your burger being cooked over an open fire grill, the old-time soda fountain, the booths with the Formica tables Val's is a step back in time.

I have been going there for most of my life. I remember saving up my newspaper tips and getting up really early one morning and having breakfast. I paid with it a couple of one's and quarters. Many years later, the feeling of Val's remains the same, I can't wait to get there.

The inside of Val's Burgers

Val's is run by a family and has been since the beginning. It will be always family owned. The next generation is learning the business from the ground up. You see, the owner's kids waiting tables, clearing tables, etc. That is something that you do not see.

Val's has a rather large menu. They serve everything from breakfast to patty melts, steak dinners, all types of sandwiches, hot dogs, chili and salads.

A Val's chili cheese dog with homemade chili, it is to die for

As much as Val's serves excellent food. It is known for its burgers. They come in three sizes: The 1/3lb baby, the 1/2lb mama and the 1lb papa. They are cooked over an open flame on a grill and Val's by cooks that have been cooking it up the Val's way for years. The burgers are always cooked the same and it is like you can close your eyes and taste a burger from 25 years ago and now; they will taste the same. That is one of the great things about Val's.

A Val's Papa Burger with cheese and bacon.

The burger is always served on a plate plain and with a piece of lettuce. On the table (you can see in the picture), there are tupperware containers with fresh onions, pickles,relish and squeeze bottles of mustard, ketchup and mayo. You get to fix the toppings on your burger as little or as much as you want. It is great.

A basket of fries at Val's.

As you can see, fries come separate. You order a basket of fries (above) and they are thickly cut and perfectly fried. One thing is that you need to share the basket or take some home. It more than one can eat.

Another great thing about Val's is that it is priced within reason. You can get a good meal for about $15.00 a person (that includes tax and tip). Last week, My son and I went and got two grilled cheese sandwiches and a basket of fries to go for about $10.

So, if you are in Hayward head over to Val's for a meal. Just do not get there in during the noon or dinner rush. You might be waiting for table or looking for a place to park. But it is worth every mouthwatering bite.


  1. I love a good greasy spoon. sometimes little hole in the wall places have the best food!
    Thanks for linking up at From the Archives Friday!

  2. looks yummy :) can't beat a little hole in the wall to give you a really good heart warming tummy filling meal!


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