Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sometimes talking is good

Former Oakland Raider Art Thoms wearing his Super Bowl XI ring.

First of, I did not make it to the USF-San Diego baseball game yesterday. Due to heavy rain it was moved from AT&T Park to the campus of the University of San Francisco's Benedetti Diamond and then it was postponed and moved to a later time. But anyway I had an interesting evening.

I went to to Mexican dinner benefit for my son's high school baseball team. The food wasn't that great, but anyway it was worth the price because it helps out his team.

One of benefits was that former Oakland Raider Art Thoms was there. I am a big watcher of all the NFL Films stuff. I own a bunch and will watch it on what ever outlet it is on. Well, I remember watching one of their Lost Treasures films -I believe it was "Sunday with Soul". They had a segment on there about Thoms and teammate Otis Sistrunk as when they played together they were called "Salt and Pepper". They showed a video of Thoms  before the game in the parking lot going into the Raider Locker Room with his long hair, beard, a long sleeve dress shirt, multi-colored 70's pants and sandals. Steve Sabol who was the host, called the look "Here is Thoms looking like an Amish pimp."

Former Raider Art Thoms in 2012.
Last night, at the event I saw Thoms and wrestled about going up and talking to him. I asked him if he felt offended that Sabol had called is dress "an Amish pimp." Thoms looked at me and said that he remembered being interviewed about him and Sistrunk, but had never seen the particular episode. Since I did not see any point in taking up more of his time, I said okay, went and got my food, sat down and started to eat. About 15 minutes later, he came over and handed me his business card and said "Whenever you know it is going to come on, give me a call or e-mail to let me know, so I can watch." Wow, that really blew me away. I guess it was because I never expected to a source of information for a former NFL players. I guess talking is a good thing and the only dumb question is one that is never asked.

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