Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty-The Fort Mason Community Garden

When going places, I tend to go off the beaten path and "not follow the plan". Well, the other day I was headed down to Fort Mason to get some info (for another blog) and was walking around and I came upon a beautiful area called the Fort Mason Community Garden. The Garden is located inside Fort Mason (which is inside the Golden Gate National Recreation Area-a national park), but  anyway it has been there for over thirty years. What is really cool is that today's garden is at the same spot as the original Fort Mason post garden in 1890. So, this goes back to when it was an important Army base. Now that is pretty cool.

The garden itself is self-supporting and maintained by members and volunteers. They do a great job in doing it. There are a 125 plots and there is an eight-year waiting list to get your own 20x5 ft plot. They are organic which is cool. And all of them are very beautiful to look at:

What a great view

So, if you are ever at Fort Mason head by there and take a look. You will not be disappointed.

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