Friday, August 31, 2012

Where The Cool People Go-Union Square

I am not a big shopper. I usually wait for the deals at Old Navy-lol (I do go to Macy's and have some designer duds but....), but the other day I was around Union Square in San Francisco and saw all the chic people walking around and decided to snap some pics:

The front of Niketown
Barneys and Macys near each other
The hard thing was trying not to take pics of the street because that would kill any vibe as they are tearing up the street around there, trying to put in a central subway. So that is why the pics are looking up and also all of the stores around there are at least two stories.


The entrance to Tiffany's

Saks Fifth Avenue
Macy's-This is the women's store, the men's is across the street and it has a Cheesecake Factory inside
People enjoying Union Square in the shadow of great shopping
This is the view from the top floor (five floors up) at Nordstroms which is across the street inside a mall.
And after the hip, cool and rich get done shopping I am pretty sure they head over to the Olympic Club Building which is nearby. It is members only, so I could not get in but the outside is pretty cool:

The Olympic Club
A statue outside the Olympic Club
The other statue outside the Olympic Club
Maybe one day I will be hip, chic and cool enough to start hanging out more in these places instead of walking around-lol

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