Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breakfast at Amy's

The front and outside of Amy's Grill in Hayward
I love going out to breakfast. Nothing beats it on a nice summer weekend morning. Take the newspaper and have a nice relaxing time at a local joint. The other day I went to one of my favs-Amy's Grill in Hayward, not too far from my house. It is a small place with great food and great atmosphere.

I tend to try to go places off-peak hours. It is just something I try to do. The less people that are there, then the less I have to wait, the less noise there is and the faster I get my food. Amy Grill's is one place that is usually packed early and I show up much later on when the crowd has thinned to almost zero.

The inside of Amy's Grill
One of the cool things about it is there is a nice waiting area when it is busy and if you have kids Amy's has something for them to keep them occupied:

The waiting area at Amy's
Another cool thing is that there is always something to read at Amy's. Some times I just want to relax and read what I call "an adult coloring book" which is People, US or Star magazines while having breakfast. I know that sounds goofy, but it is just me. And Amy's always has a good selection:

Amy's magazine rack
Again, having all of the other stuff is nice but if the food is not good then all of the other stuff is worthless. Amy's has great food and Amy cooks it all herself.
Amy cooking another delicious meal
Amy's fried egg with sausage, bacon and rice
But my favorite is the all-meat omelet. It has the right amount of meat, cheese and egg served with golden brown hash browns. MMMMMMMM:

My all meat omelet.
If you want a good meal and a good price head down to Amy's Grill in Hayward. You will not be disappointed.

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