Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Bard's Favorite Bookstore

The front of Shakespeare & Co.
I love to read and I love bookstores. The older and the funkier the better. One of my favorites is Shakespeare & Co. on Telegraph in Berkeley. It is not a superstore like some used bookshops are but a homey place that feels warm with classical music being played in the background:
The inside of Shakespeare & Co.

It is a small store, but everything is well labeled and you can easily find the genre of book you are looking for:

Another view inside Shakespeare & Co
Inside Shakepeare & Co
One of the cool things that I really like about this place is the display of old Look and Life magazines that are for sale. I love looking at them as people forget that before the 500 channel cable universe and the internet that people got their society news from these magazines:

Magazines from back in the day
Also, there are display tables of books that the owner finds interesting and that his readers might find interesting:

A Shakespeare & Co display
Another thing I like (and people will say I am being goofy again) is that Shakespeare & Co has a large collection of old sheet music and songbooks. Even though I can not play an instrument or read music I find old sheet music cool to look at especially the covers:

Decided to go a little modern here-John Lennon sheet music in the middle
So if you are on Telegraph, head over to Shakespeare & Co. The books are priced reasonably, the atmosphere and vibe are cool and place is pretty neat.

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