Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh No! Another Bookstore-Book Bay Fort Mason

I do like books a lot that is no secret. One of my favorite bookstores is Book Bay Fort Mason in San Francisco. It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city with some of the greatest views of the Bay. I love the place. Book Bay is run by the Friends of San Francisco Public Library, so when you buy a used book there you are helping out the library as well. It is a win-win deal.

Book Bay Fort Mason from the front door
I like the place. It is very clean and well organized. You can easily find the section or type of book you want. Another thing that is cool is that it has a lot of open space so you do not feel cramped:

Another view of Book Bay Fort Mason
You can buy books, old magazines, records, CD's, DVD's, etc there. And they do have some of the coolest things that people have donated to be sold all at good prices:

Old pocket novels
A Reader's Digest from 1940
An All in the Family script guide that was suppose to teach
Kate Smith and Jim Nabors-Two American Classics
Buttons to be sold
Another cool thing is that after you browse for a while you can head to the cafe inside of the place and enjoy a beverage while you take a look at your purchase:

The cafe inside of Book Bay Fort Mason
And that even have a couple of chairs inside the store to relax in:

I love this chair
On this day I only made one purchase, but it was too cool as it was autographed by the author Terry Pluto, who is a great sports columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

False Start by Terry Pluto
Terry Pluto's autograph inside
Book Bay Fort Mason-go for the priceless views around Fort Mason and go for the great books that they have.

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