Friday, August 10, 2012

What A Time for a Card Show

The Baseball Card and Sports Memorabilia Show at Bayfair Mall-San Leandro
The other day my son wanted to get a new A's hat, I guess his dome has got a little bigger, but anyway we went to Bay Fair Mall in San Leandro and there was a real live Baseball Card and Memorabilia Show going on. I got a little jazzed as it brought back a lot of cool memories of my high school years and early 20's when hanging out at the card shop was an everyday experience and going to local card shows was a regular occurrence. I even helped put one on for a benefit for our college radio station.

A table at the card show
I know that I am geeking out here, but this was the first card show I have attended in about 17 years. I thought it was a pretty cool deal. This one was small, but good. The dealers/vendors were really cool to talk too and had good stuff. Back in the day going to these things, part of the attraction was talking to people and seeing what they were into, looking at what other people collected, etc. It was like a little community and then it got (in my opinion) sucked up by fame and big money. I know that money has always been a part of the memorabilia business, but I think it is going back to the grassroots with people who truly love sports and collecting and the that was the vibe I got at this small show.

Got to love the bobbleheads
The backbone of shows-Trading cards and searching for the players you want
And besides cards there is always really cool stuff. Some say it is oddball, but to me it was (maybe is) the stuff I think is the the coolest:

2002 Keebler San Francisco Giants-You could only get the set on baseball card day at  AT&T
An original 1992 Dream Team Pennant
Love the pins
A 1970-71 Pittsburgh Condors Schedule-Super Cool
I had a great time and I guess I scored a couple of more points with my son as he saw my inner geek be let out a little more. I can't wait to take in another show.

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