Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Small Look at Fresno St. University

Ramping up on more college tours. During the Holiday we took a tour of Fresno St. University, home of the Bulldogs:

The Henry Madden Library
The Student Union
Social Science Building
Part of the Grosse Industrial Technology Building
Agricultural Sciences Building
Part of the Grounds- The trees are dedicated to the U.S. Submariners who served in WWII
The Admin Building
University High School-Fresno St has a high school on campus.
One of favorite parts of the whole campus was the "Garden of Peace":

Statue of Cesar Chavez
Statue of Jane Addams
Statue of Gandhi
Statue of Martin Luther King
Fresno St. was a nice campus to walk around and spend a day at.

The Bulldog Watertower


  1. Thanks for linking up with my One New Thing a Week Challenge. Interesting photos.

    1. Thanks-Just of a college that my daughter was accepted to.

  2. I have heard great things about the university. My sons friend has received a wonderful education there.

  3. Beautiful shots, Patrick. And I am so intrigued that they have a high school on the campus. What a wonderful experience for the students who attend there.



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