Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some TV Albums From Yesteryear

When I was at Rasputin's I saw a bunch of albums from TV shows of yesteryear. I just had to take pics and share them (Most are from Saturday morning cartoons):

Meet the Brady Bunch
Just too funny
Don't know about this one
I think I had this one
Who didn't watch this
And The Chipmunks had a bunch. Here is two:

Of course, nothing beat this:


  1. No way!! Those are wicked cool. I am actually going to a few antique stores today, actually, but I suppose I would need a record player for those.

  2. Alvin had his own show? Oh dear! :) Great finds. Thanks for linking up!! Mel from Ketchup With Us

    1. Thanks for coming by.

      He was the most popular.


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