Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dedicated to My Daughter

My daughter-Allison Marie Weseman
This blog is dedicated to my daughter-Allison Marie Weseman who is 18 today. It trips me out that 23 of my chromosomes created something so smart and beautiful. She is also a good kid on top of it:

With a doorman at the St.Francis Hotel
She is very curious about life and things:

Outside Chinatown in San Francisco
And she is an athlete:

Running cross country
And she is smart. She has been accepted to seven universities:

At Fresno St.
And likes to still have fun:

On a swing
With the A's mascot Stomper
Finally, I would thank her for being able to have the honor and privilege of being her father:

At the Sonoma NASCAR race in 2011
 Allison, I Love You and proud that you are my daughter:


  1. She's beautiful! Happy Birthday, Allison!

  2. good fathers = good daughters. you done good, patrick. she is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks You Very Much. She is a good kid all the way around.

  3. Awww...she's beautiful Patrick!! You did an awesome job raising her! Happy Birthday to her!! Thanks as always for stopping by and linking up my friend! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

    1. Thanks, I tried. I took the approach that some food, some water and some love would do a lot.

  4. Beautiful girl, Patrick. Nice to see a father so actively involved in his child's life. Visiting from DYWW.

    1. Thank You Very Much and thanks for stopping by.


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