Monday, February 17, 2014

It is President's Day

It is President's Day here in the States. To me, it is an office that demands respect even if you do not agree with the views of the man (or woman) who holds the office. I was in Half-Price Books today and decided to take a couple of pics of some books and things  that are dedicated to the people that have served as United States President:

The Inaugural Address of six Presidents
Audio book of David McCullough great bio on John Admas

Out shortest term President-William Henry Harrison-He only was President for 41 days. He died of sickness that he got during his inaugural address which was the longest on record
James Polk-the man who made the young nation stretch from coast-to-coast
A DVD on Lincoln-The man who kept the nation together
And the two I ended buying:

Interesting slant on it-but good reading
A little dated but the audio CD is great. 
So remember, while you are enjoying the day off that this day is to remember the people who have served this nation in its highest office.

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