Thursday, May 28, 2015

Elliott C. Nathan at Asterisk San Francisco

You know I walk a lot and in my walking I stumbled by this place called * asterisk san Francisco which is art gallery. They were featuring the work of pop culture and surrealist artist Elliott C. Nathan:

"Penguin and Balloon
Abstracted Bird 2
Abstracted Bird 1

Elephant Abstracted
Life in Circles

Elliott C. Nathan has unique style and I am glad that I got to see his work.


  1. I feel like I was walking with you through the exhibit. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Patrick, I am not a big fan of that sort of art but I have to admit that the shapes and colors working together do have appeal.
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  3. Thanks for linking last week and your "Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk" post was fun, especially with the seals. You always have such interesting photos to share! I didn't run a weekend linky this week, but I have posted photos of our wonderful art workshop weekend. Would love for you to check it out at

  4. I'd probably pass up buying a piece like one of these and later find out it's worth a million. LOL Always fun to look at something different though.

  5. interesting work of arts..and I love the vibrant colors..


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