Sunday, May 10, 2015

Music Monday: The Mom Songs

Continuing to celebrate Mom's and Mother's Day songs on this Music Monday:

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and mother-figures out there.


  1. Good choices I used to love Mama Liked The Roses and Your Mother Should Know :-)

    Have a good day ahead :-)

  2. Oh you have some here that I simply forgot about. I liked the Spice Girls and the Beatles. ROck on!

  3. I didn't realize until this morning the number of songs written about Moms, but I really shouldn't be surprised. Groove tribute through music for all Moms everywhere, Patrick. Thanks for sharing & the dance. Have a tunetastic week!

  4. You have some wild choices here my friend. Never heard that one by Elvis, but so pretty. That's the prettiest song I've ever heard Kanye sing. The Beatles is one of those songs where you hit your self in the head & say duh why didn't I think of that one! hahaha Thanks for joining us and rockin' to the boggie! Great song pics... Have a rockin' week! HUGS

  5. Really cool choices!
    Thanks for sharing with us and having fun on the music train!

  6. I wasn't aware of most of these mom songs. Thanks for enlightening and sharing with us.


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