Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music Monday: Songs Floating in My Baby Brain

Just some tunes that I been floating around in my baby brain this week:

I know it is random but it is where my baby brain is.


  1. Well, three of your videos wouldn't play in my country :( And the last tune said I had to go watch it on You Tube. hmmmm Well, the last one was truly worth it. Love that tune by Bryan Adams. The Rocky video love it. I have every movie & my youngest son's name is Robert, but we call him Rocky & yes after the movie that's right about when he was born. hehehe You have rocked the house my friend! Have a rocktastic week! :)

  2. I had the same trouble - the first video and last two wouldn't play. But I remember those vaguely - the one that stands out, however, is the Simple Minds friends and I would usually belt that one out whenever we'd hear it. ;) Great choices - have a great week! :)

    What’s Up? Chasing Cars and Counting Stars we’re just Crushin’ It!

  3. Some great 80s toonz here! Brilliant!

  4. Fab choices my favourite out of these has to be Erasure A Little Respect I was a big fan of Erasure still am.

    Have a tanfastic day :-)

  5. I had trouble playing some of the songs, too. however, out of the ones I played all were good. I chose not to play Bryan Adams because the man is an antisemitic @#%hole. I used to like his music but can't stand him as a person.

  6. Hmm not sure why some of the songs weren't playing, but I'm glad you shared with us today.

    I do love Bryan's music!!

    Have a fantastic week!

  7. Patrick, you have some fabulous songs floating in your baby brain. I doubt it's a baby brain, though. It's probably a mega turbo charge microprocessor that blows all others out of the water. :D Have a tunetastic week!

    Remember Everything #FFDP #music

  8. Oh wow, love most of these songs. They bring back good memory's!! just watching Erasure, then the Bryan Adams one!! Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays..


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