Monday, May 23, 2016

From the Phone

This the first time I have ever written this blog totally on my phone as I am on a school trip. It was a very interesting experience. Hope you enjoy these totally random pics: 

Classical music at a BART station is cool
I have this thing for good music
The local Junior College is trotting out its most famous alum
Bunnies at San Francisco City Hall 
Made in Hayward 

SF City Hall


  1. I like what Tom Hanks said. The past is what make up who we are.

  2. Nice set of photos Tom Hanks was recently on a chat show here in the UK :-)

  3. Great pics! I love the bunnies and that art. I did not know that Tom Hanks went there - very cool.
    Have a great week!

  4. Patrick, isn't technology cool? I have yet to do a blog post using my phone or iPad. I find it really difficult responding to comments sometimes and I prefer doing all these things on the computer, but it's really nice to have the mobile option. I like your random photo gallery. My favorite is of SF City Hall at night. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the views!

  5. Lovely set of pictures, love the Micky Mouse tree :)

  6. I love San Francisco. One of my favorites cities in America. Thanks for the great pics, Pat! It's amazing what our little phones can capture and do! I've never tried to post from my phone. I bet it's a challenge. :)

  7. Those bunnies - how cool!
    I wonder whether there's some sort of connection between bunnies and SF culture or history????
    At any rate, love 'em, and love the shots.
    Thanks for sharing at

  8. Another amazing series of photos! My fave are those massive rabbits! I wish I can see that in real life!

  9. You always have such wonderful fascinating pictures, Patrick. If only I could see the world through your eyes. Thank you for sharing. Fabulous Post my friend.

  10. Great artwork! have a great week and thanks for sharing it!

  11. Great photos! Enjoy your school trip. Thanks for linking up for Wordless Wednesday.

  12. Great snaps! Thanks for joining Regina and I at #sharethejoy and hope to see you again soon. (Michelle at The Joy Chaser and The Essex Barn)

  13. What a diverse and varied collection. You certainly have an eye for a photo opportunity!

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