Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Monday: No.1's from the late 50's/Early 60's

Music Monday: We are going back in time to the late 50s' and early 60's and hopefully I can work in some Pat Boone (who deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). All songs were No.1 on the Billboard Top 40:

A note about the next one, this is the Jimmy Dean from The Jimmy Dean Meat Company:

She is better known from the 1980's show "Coach" but she could sing back in the day:

This next killed off of 78 rpm and ushered in the 45 which I grew up with:

And here is the promised Pat Boone:

Hope you enjoyed some classics.


  1. Love these oldies a nice listen :-)

  2. Great songs! My husband would agree with you on Pat Boone. lol
    You kicked it my friend!

  3. Shelley Fabares talked about recording "Johnny Angel" in an interview and said she didn't realize she was going to have to record a song until the producers of The Donna Reed Show came to her and said, "so what song will you be recording?" I guess both she and Paul Petersen were each required to make a record at the height of their fame. Paul recorded "My Dad," which is here:

    They screamed for Pat Boone the way they screamed for The Beatles a few years later, didn't they?

    Great selection!

  4. Great job my friend. You definitely rocked the house and brought out some real oldies. My brother would've loved these. He was six years older than myself. Great job. hugs


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