Sunday, May 29, 2016

Music Monday: Memorial Day 2016

On this Memorial Day Music Monday, we are going to try to honor those who have protected us and to try to say thanks to those who have died doing so:

Going to include this last song. It is from an organization called "Playing for Change", I have highlighted them before but they believe that music can break down the barriers and boundaries between us and hopefully there is not a need to war. Anyway, This is their newest song and the brief appearance of the Tim Robbins part (two different ones) is at an elementary school in the city I have spent 40 of my 47 years in and was "Made In" (went to school from K through graduation of four-year university in) - Hayward, Ca:

Please say a prayer for all of our service people.


  1. Oh wow, voices from my favorite past! Jerry Garcia... I knew a tribute band called the Dead Guise! Lead singer good friend of hubby's. Dixie Chicks what a set pipes on that little lady and the talent just flows. Just all your pics fan-rockin-tastic! Have fun and be safe! Happy Memorial Day! hugs

  2. Nice choices especially Bob Marley :-)

    Have a good Memorial day over there :-)

  3. Patrick, lovely Memorial Day tribute through music. You put some new songs for me to enjoy, which I really appreciated. Wouldn't it be awesome if music could bridge the differences of nations and people? Sadly, it'll take more than good feeling songs to bring everyone unity. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.

  4. What a great list!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Memorial Day Patrick!

  5. Awesome choices, Patrick - very nice tribute.

    Thanks for the late dance! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

    wearing a Tuxedo Just Fishin’ – i Can’t Stop The Feeling with a Travelin’ Soldier


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