Sunday, May 15, 2016

Music Monday: My Favorite Under Appreicated Songs

Music Monday: Here are some songs that I think are great but are under appreciated by most (Just my view):

This Bobby Vinton classic was the last No.1 hit before music changed, i.e. The Beatles hit No.1:

Hope you enjoyed my under appreicated songs.


  1. Good choices especially Skyfall :-)

  2. Patrick, you touched on some good music selections. Skyfall is my favorite song by Adele. The softness in her vocals really make this song special. I always liked Irene Cara's classic hit from Flashdance. What a fabulous 80s tune to boogie to. What's not to like about Bobby Vinton? Nothing! His silky smooth voice transports me to another time. New artists can learn much from retro singers. I never was a boy band person, but I did recognize the talent of the individual singers. This N'Sync song is really tender. I love the lyrics! Thanks for highlighting some nice tunes that go unnoticed. Have a tunetastic week!


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